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Once upon a time...

...parents in The Netherlands struggled to find the right nanny for their children.

They wanted someone professional, reliable, and experienced, but finding the right fit was overwhelming. That's when Maxime had the idea to start The Nanny Club.

As a high-end nanny agency, The Nanny Club is dedicated to matching families with the perfect nanny. With a focus on finding reliable and experienced nannies, The Nanny Club sets itself apart from the rest. The nannies in The Nanny Club's network are carefully selected for their qualifications and experience, and they are more than just babysitters. With more than three years of experience, a first aid diploma, and a VOG, The Nanny Club's nannies are professional caretakers who can contribute to the education and growth of the children in their care.
The Nanny Club is more than just an agency; it is a close-knit community. The Nanny Club is committed to its families and nannies, working to bring them together in a relationship that benefits everyone. By joining The Nanny Club, families can take advantage of the best nanny services in The Netherlands. With The Nanny Club, parents can finally sigh relief knowing that their children are in good hands with a professional, reliable, and experienced nanny.
They can trust that their children receive the care and attention they need to thrive.

"The Nanny Club's Matching Promise"

Discovering the Perfect Match

We take the time to understand each nanny's unique skills, experience, and preferences. This allows us to match them with families that will appreciate their unique qualities and provide them with the support they need to succeed.

Matching Your Family with the Perfect Nanny

We also take the time to understand each family's specific needs, preferences, and lifestyle. This allows us to match them with a nanny that will be a great fit for their family and meet all their childcare needs.

We make the match

With both the nanny's and family's information, we carefully match them based on compatibility and shared interests. Our goal is to ensure that both the nanny and the family are happy with the match and that the nanny is well-supported in their role

Matchmaking with Care

Our Matching Promise is our guarantee that we will use all of our resources, expertise, and experience to match our nannies with the families that are the best fit for them. We believe that a great match leads to a successful working relationship and a happy nanny and family

Discover the Magic of Matchmaking with The Nanny Club!

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Our mission

Our mission is to empower families with complete confidence in finding a loving and dependable nanny to care for their children. At The Nanny Club, the child's growth and well-being is our top priority, which is why we established The Nanny Club Academy. This is where nannies are trained and made aware of the family's individual developmental objectives. By doing so, the nanny becomes an integral part of the family and parents can have peace of mind knowing that their child is in safe and nurturing hands

Passionate Care

At The Nanny Club, we are a dynamic and experienced team driven by passion. Our personal experiences and commitment to excellence ensure that our experienced nannies meet the unique needs of each family. Our top priority is providing care for our families, along with offering flexibility and quick response times.

Selected Care

Our team invests time in our matching process to ensure that we pair you with the right nanny for your family. At The Nanny Club, the right match between a nanny and a family is crucial for the relationship's success. That's why we work tirelessly to ensure that our nannies are reliable and trustworthy.

Exclusive Community

We understand that every family and every nanny is unique. Our top priority is to match families with the perfect nanny, and that's what we do best. Our selection process is strict, and we ensure that all of our nannies are trained in first aid for babies and children. With The Nanny Club, families can rest assured that they are joining an exclusive community of experienced and professional nannies.

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