Our goal?

Helping your family find the perfect nanny!
The Nanny Club loves to make your life a little easier. Our goal is to exceed your expectations by making sure our nannies are reliable, motivated, professional and only work according to our standards. In this way, the nannies will definitely add value to the development of your children.


How can we guarantee the quality of our nannies?

Nanny Academy
Our nannies are personally screened and trained by us. We only hire nannies with a minimum of three years experience as a nanny.
To guarantee the highest quality we have set up our own Nanny Academy. The main goal of this is to constantly educate our nannies and to keep them motivated. This contributes to the personal and professional development of the nannies too. Altogether, we want to make sure our nannies are able to take very good care of your children.

If you want more information about our services please contact us using the form below. Of course you can also call us at the number below.

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