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The Nanny Club is a High-End Nanny Platform and offers different types of nannies for various occasions.

Parttime Nanny

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Do you have a full- or parttime job? Or do you need an extra hand in the house but you prefer not to book a different nanny every time? Then the part-time Nanny of The Nanny Club is perfect for your family. When you choose a part-time Nanny at the Nanny Club, you will always have the same Nanny for your family.

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Do you have a fulltime job, traveling a lot or would you like to have some extra help taking care of your children in general? In that case, our full-time nannies might be the perfect solution for you. Fulltime nannies at The Nanny Club are much more than an ‘ordinary’ nanny. These full-time nannies are caring, highly experienced and professional nannies.

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Fulltime Nanny

Last-Minute Nanny

Last-minute plans? Would you like to have a night out or just need some last-minute alone time? No need to worry about who is taking care of your children, The Nanny Club has got this covered! We will make sure your children are in safe hands with us.

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Busy week behind? Do you need a good night’s sleep? In that case, the Night Nanny of The Nanny Club is the ideal solution for you. The Nanny is responsible for all tasks related to your children during the night and will be there to make sure you do not have to wake up while you are sleeping. You do not have to worry about anything, we will take care of everything!

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Night Nanny

Event Nanny

Are you planning a party, an anniversary or a family reunion and want to make sure the kids are covered during this event? The Nanny Club is more than happy to help. We will make sure that the event is as much of a celebration for the children as it is for you and the invitees. Our nannies will take care of your children, so you can enjoy carefree. We will ensure that the children are not bored for a moment so that you and the other parents do not have to think about anything during your event.

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The Nanny Club makes sure the whole family can recuperate extra well. Think of a weekend in the Netherlands, a holiday in the sun, a city trip or a skiing holiday. Our nannies takes care of your children, so you can enjoy carefree. The children will not be bored for a moment with one of our nannies. The nanny will take great care so you can enjoy your holiday to the fullest.

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Travel Nanny

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Hotel Nanny

With our 24/7 Hotel Nanny services, a business trip or holiday with your children has never been easier.  Our Hotel Nanny professionals are ready to take care of your child(ren). Check out the benefits of our Hotel Nanny below

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