Once upon a time… a determined nanny driven by love and passion for working with children nanny began her own business

Her goal was to create the perfect match between parents and nanny. Maxime, the founder of The Nanny Club, believes in close relationships, trust, and a personal connection between parents and nanny. She aims to offer a warm and challenging work environment for nannies to develop and grow. By carefully selecting nannies, requiring first aid training, and running their own Nanny Club Academy, The Nanny Club guarantees high-quality services, providing peace of mind to parents. Maxime and her team are committed to creating the perfect match between parents and nanny while feeling responsible for both families and nannies



Allround Creative

Hi! My name is Annabel, and as an Allround Creative at The Nanny Club, I perform various creative tasks. Every day is an adventure filled with new experiences and challenging projects. My responsibilities include executing various creative tasks and ensuring a consistent and appealing visual identity for The Nanny Club. As an Allround Creative, my goal is not only to create aesthetically appealing visuals but also to convey deeper meaning and connection. I want to inspire, touch, and engage people in the world of The Nanny Club through my creative expressions.


Allround Creative

Hello! I’m Mel, and just like Annabel, I work as an Allround Creative for The Nanny Club. My focus is on developing and maintaining an immersive visual identity that is consistent and appealing. I strive to create unique creative solutions that make The Nanny Club stand out and leave a lasting impression. Additionally, I regularly interact with families and nannies of The Nanny Club. This includes introductory conversations and weekly check-ups, where I ensure that all parties are satisfied and that our services seamlessly align with their needs.