Healthy recipes to cook with kids

Tuesday, 6 April 21

You’ve been busy all day and having to think about what you’re going to eat tonight is the last thing you want to do. Whether you cook yourself or one of our nannies cooks, coming up with a recipe is always a challenge, especially when you are trying to eat healthy. The Nanny Club is happy to share some delicious healthy and child-friendly recipes with you!


The recipes that The Nanny Club has selected are easy and fun for the kids to help as well. In fact, it is super helpful to involve the kids in the cooking process. This way, they learn what goes into their food from a young age and gain an understanding of the importance of eating healthy. And what is better than being able to teach the kids this in a fun way?


Pizza wrap

There is hardly a child who does not like pizza! But as we all know, pizza is not the healthiest dish in the world. A very tasty but healthy alternative to this is the pizza wrap. The funny thing is that the kids might not even notice the difference, because the pizza wrap looks just like a real pizza. Just enjoy!


Ingredients: for 6 pieces

– 6 medium size wraps (whole wheat)

– 300 ml pizza sauce (tomato sauce)

– 85 gr mushrooms

– 2 peppers

– 75 gr grated cheese

– 12 cherry tomatoes

– 1 red onion

– Fresh basil



– Preheat the oven to 200 degrees. Cut the mushrooms and cherry tomatoes into small slices. Also cut the bell pepper into thin strips and the red onion into rings.

– Spread the wraps with pizza sauce and put all the vegetables on top. Finally sprinkle cheese on top and bake the pizza wrap for 8 min in the oven.

– You can add some fresh basil on top when the pizza wrap is out of the oven.


How do you involve the kids in making the pizza wrap?

Let the kids decorate their own pizza wrap the way they like it. As there are mostly healthy ingredients, you do not have to worry about the amount of ingredients they put on their wrap. In this way they get to feel like they really had a helping hand in the cooking process.


Banana Pancakes

You can eat a pancake at almost any time of the day, for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Most kids will get very excited when they can have pancakes! Unfortunately, a pancake is not one of the healthiest recipes out there. But there is a solution for that, the healthy version: banana pancakes!


Ingredients: 12 pieces

– 3 eggs

– 2 bananas

– Pinch of cinnamon

– Banana, forest fruit, syrup or your own topping of choice



– Mash the bananas with a fork, add the eggs to the mash and add a pinch of cinnamon. Finally, mix it all together as one.- Add some butter to the pan and try to make 3 small pancakes at a time with the mixture in the pan.

– The pancakes are done when both sides are nicely browned. Finally, you can add your own topping to make it a delicious work of art. Enjoy!


How can kids help make the banana pancakes?

Let the kids help mash the bananas and turn the pancakes. This will make them feel like real chefs!


Sweet potato fries

When the kids are in the mood for fries, these sweet potato fries are the perfect alternative!



– 500 gr sweet potato

– Olive oil spray

– Paprika powder

– Italian spices



– Preheat the oven to 200 degrees. Wash the sweet potato and dry it with a paper towel. Cut the sweet potato into slices and then cut the slices into fries. Tip: the thinner you cut the fries, the crispier they will be.

– Spray olive oil over the fries and sprinkle with Italian herbs.

– Spread the French fries out on the oven plate and turn them over after 10 min, then again after 10 min and let them bake for the last 10 min. So total of 30 min in the oven.

– The only thing you need to add now is some vegetables and something tasty to go with it. Enjoy it!


How can the kids help in the process?

Let the kids sprinkle the fries with the herbs and help them slide the fries into the oven.


We hope you are as excited about these recipes as we are and we are very curious to see your results. Be sure to tag us in your cooking on Instagram and Facebook, find us @thenannyclub!

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