8 fun things to do after school with kids

Tuesday, 6 April 21

The Nanny Club is happy to share some tips to make babysitting even more fun!


Collect items from outside and start decorating!

You can take the kids to the park, a forest or the beach to collect some pine cones or branches. Let the items dry at home and then you can start decorating them. Paint the pine cones or cover them in glitter. You can use the decorated pine cones or branches as a decoration in the room of the children or let them create a present for their parents.



You can never go wrong when you go finger painting with the kids. With finger painting, the children can completely express their own creativity! You only need paint suitable for kids (available in most toy stores) and some old newspapers to protect the table.



Bake easy cookies together with the kids, they will love the activity of baking and will even more enjoy eating them after. Cookies are perfect for decorating afterwards with icing, chocolate, sprinkles and so on. For more fun and easy recipes, check out our other blog. 


Hide and seek

Playing hide and seek is a great option with kids from a young age. If you can’t play hide and seek in the house or garden, you can also choose to hide an object and take turns with the kids to try and find it. In this way it remains fun!


“Guess what I am”

This game ensures that children broaden their knowledge. Everyone comes up with a specific person, action figure or an object for someone else and then everyone has to guess who that person is. The children will have to think about specific topics and this stimulates their brain.



To further develop the creativity of the children, crafting is a good option. For example, you can craft butterflies. This is very easy to do. All you need for this is a toilet roll and colored paper or markers.


Role play

Role play helps to develop their own identity. Young children still have a lot to learn about the world around them and about themselves. By playing role games they practice with everyday situations.



Children enjoy performing for their parents or the babysitter. This can be anything in the form of gymnastics, dancing or singing. This also allows them to further develop their creativity and performing often makes children more confident.


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