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Thursday, 29 June 23

TNC updates: new office & fotoshoot

Lieve ouders/nannies, Het is weer tijd voor een update vanuit The Nanny Club! Zoals de meesten van jullie al weten,…

Tuesday, 13 June 23

TNC updates: new office & photoshoot

Dear parents/nannies, It's time for another update from The Nanny Club! As most of you already know, we moved to…

Wednesday, 15 September 21

Earning a lot in a short time as a nanny?

The Nanny Club offers the nicest families in your neighborhood. Quick online payment. Want to babysit in Amsterdam, The Hague,…

Friday, 27 August 21

Parttime nanny gezocht

Tuesday, 6 April 21

Working at home with children and a nanny

Due to Covid working from home is a new standard. Having a Nanny in the house to help you with…

Tuesday, 6 April 21

Encouraging independence in children

Independence is one of the most important qualities you can give a child. Children naturally are eager to develop and…

Tuesday, 6 April 21

Healthy recipes to cook with kids

You've been busy all day and having to think about what you're going to eat tonight is the last thing…

Tuesday, 6 April 21

8 fun things to do after school with kids

The Nanny Club is happy to share some tips to make babysitting even more fun!   Collect items from outside…

Tuesday, 6 April 21

Fun things to do in Amsterdam with kids

Are you planning to go to Amsterdam with the kids or are you looking for something fun to do this…